Junior 4D Final

2014 Division 4D League Final Playoff

Dundalk Gaels vs Dundalk Young Irelands 12/Oct/2014

Result Dundalk Gaels 2:03 vs Dundalk Young Irelands 2:16

The Young Irelands celebrated their 130th year in existence by winning the Division 4D league title.  The game was played in perfect conditions which benefited the Irelanders. From the first throw in the Geals where on the back foot when Cian O’Niaragh ran straight through on goal only for the Geals keeper to pull off a great save.

Both teams where on the attack in the first couple of minutes but it was the Irelanders who took their chances with Jordan O’Donoghue pointing with a free which was quickly followed by points from Cian O’Niaragh and Johnny Lynch. The Irelanders where three points up after five minutes.

Cian O’Niaragh was having an outstanding start to the game another run from midfield set up Jordan O’Donoghue whose shot hit the cross bar and rebounded off the keeper before going wide. The Geals were having trouble getting into scoring positions; with Shane O’Connell dropping back the defence wasn’t giving an inch. A lot of breaking ball was picked up in defence which resulted in some well worked scores further up the field. Cian O’Niaragh, Jordan O’Donoghue, Ryan Malone and Johnny Lynch added further points before the Geals got their first score leaving it six points to one. The Irelanders respond quickly when Cian O’Niaragh scored the Irelanders first goal with a low hard shot into the bottom corner. The first half ended with Johnny Lynch and Stephen Lally getting a point each.

Half time score Geals 0:01 vs Irelanders 1:08.

The Irelanders had to great chance in the first minute of the second half to extend their lead but both shoots went wide. Johnny Lynch got the first score of the second half when he pointed. The second half was turning into a repeat of the first half with the Irelanders on the attack, with a further point added from a Jordan O’Donoghue free.

The Geals however got a goal after a long hopeful ball was hit into the square only for it to drop into an open goal, the Geals added a further two points which give them a glimmer of hope. However these scores would be the Geals last of the game. The Irelanders responded well with player manger Michael Shields scoring two points which were quickly following by a Derek Rogers goal and two more points from David Bailey. The game ended with Alan Haughey scoring a point.

The Irelanders Junior team won the Div 4D league without losing a game. With a good mix of older and younger players involved this team has a great future.

Final Score Geals 1:03 vs Irelanders 2:16.

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